Spinal Endoscopic Surgery

Advanced spinal endoscopy is a very innovative minimally invasive technique with which we can treat pathologies such as herniated disc and canal stenosis, simply with an approach that requires an incision of less than 1 cm in the skin.

It consists in the exploration of the spinal canal through a high definition optic that provides a light source. It consists mainly of an endoscopic camera with a channeled optical system connected to a high-definition television screen.

It is a surgical technique that has not stopped evolving during the last 20 years, creating new methods and surgical access to address the spine.

With this endoscopic system we were able to introduce light and obtain a vision with a high resolution image of the area of the spinal canal, visualizing the intervertebral disc and nerve roots with millimeter sharpness.

Through the optics channel we use the different clamps and surgical instruments necessary for the treatment of different pathologies.

Depending on the vertebral level and the pathology to be treated, 3 boarding techniques are used:

  • Transforaminal
  • Extraforaminal
  • Interlaminar

The first phase of endoscopic spinal surgery requires approximately 30 minutes:

  • The patient is anesthetized, in most cases of a general type.
  • The positioning of the patient for this surgery must be precise: prone position with padding in the thorax and in the pelvic region. Tilting in flexion of the lower limbs.
  • Anteroposterior and lateral projections are used to accurately identify the approach and entry of the endoscopic optic camera.

The second surgical phase usually lasts around 45 minutes:

  • Once the level to be treated is radiologically identified, an incision is made in the skin of less than 1 cm.
  • Once inside the spinal canal, the separation of the compressed root is performed to extract the herniated fragment. It is essential to ensure a complete radicular release with the exploration of the nerve path and the revision of the inside of the disc.
  • Subsequently, in certain cases, the stem cells will be implanted.
  • The total duration of advanced spinal endoscopy is usually 75 minutes.

Laser can be used to remove disc bulging

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