Regenerative and Stem Cell Service

This new procedure is performed in just 45 minutes and involves inoculating regenerative (adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells) cells and enriched plasma into the damaged vertebral disc or surrounding structures. Currently we use the SVF fraction of adipose processed tissue. This combination of substances helps to stop the degeneration of the disc and may activate its regeneration, alleviating the damage suffered by the nerves that are around the disc and cause back pain. Both the regenerative cells and the plasma rich platelets in growth factors are extracted from the patient during the intervention. The stem cells are obtained from the bone marrow extracted from the iliac crest (pelvis) or adipose tissue from the body (fat) and the enriched plasma from the blood. Both substances are processed in the same operating room. Both the cell procurement (SVF) procedure and the application procedure are performed in the operating room under light sedation and local anesthesia. In principle, hospital admission is not necessary.

The treatment with growth factors and stem cells has been extended in recent years to different medical specialties, from ophthalmology, to dentistry, traumatology or in this case to neurosurgery to treat back injuries.

The clinical results that have been obtained in other centers applying this treatment have shown its effectiveness. Until now, the treatment for patients who presented intervertebral disc degeneration in the early stages consisted of burning the surrounding nerve, which causes the typical back pain. This solution deals with the symptoms, but does not resolve the underlying problem. With the application of stem cells in the disk, doctors can potentially solve the cause of the problem -a damaged disc– and solve the pain in a much more positive way for the patient’s health.

About the benefits obtained with this technique, specialists have seen that comparing the results with the traditional surgery, it is proven that it offers a very similar efficacy in terms of disappearance of pain, with the advantage that it is a non-invasive intervention and also does not prevent carrying out other types of future interventions if the result is not as expected.

This procedure is still officially considered experimental but the evidence is emerging that the results are very promising.

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