Patient Info

Things you need to know when coming to The Harley Street Hospital

  • Multidisciplinary Care Our specialists meet regularly and combine their respective experience and knowledge to give you the best results and treatment plan.

  • Health Screening and Rehabilitation Non-surgical healing through shockwave, manipulation and naturopathy are available in our Natural Therapies department. We offer comprehensive Screening solutions.

  • Our Specialist Clinics We are recognised leaders in Stem Cell treatments for spine, joint, cosmetic and gynaecology conditions. We also offer male enhancement surgery and advanced pain relief procedures.

  • State of the art Facilities With the latest in 3D imaging technology, keyhole surgery and laser equipment. We offer minimally invasive surgery under general anaesthesia, sedation or local anaesthetic.

  • Concierge and VIP facilities We offer private personalised care for VIP’s. Our facilities are all supported by our dedicated team of caring, experienced and professional clinical staff.