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UK’s most prestigious Health District offering individualised care for those seeking something more tailor made for their health needs.

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    We are based on 19 Harley Street London, UK’s most prestigious Health District. Providing the most exclusive care.
  • High Quality Care

    We specialise in exclusive health services for individuals seeking regenerative, non-surgical or minimally invasive treatments

    CQC Provider number : 1-5468550541

Our Doctors

Why Choose HSH

  • Top Specialist

    All our patients are seen by one of our top specialists and a consultation followed by a careful examination is performed at our exclusive clinic on Harley Street.

  • Multidisciplinary Care

    Our specialists meet regularly and combine their respective experience and knowledge to give you the best results and treatment plan.

  • Health Screening & Rehabilitation

    Non-surgical healing through shockwave, manipulation and naturopathy are available in our Natural Therapies department. We offer comprehensive Screening solutions.

  • Our Specialist Clinics

    We are recognised leaders in Stem Cell treatments for spine, joint, cosmetic and gynaecology conditions. We also offer male enhancement surgery and advanced pain relief procedures.

  • State of the art Facilities

    With the latest in 3D imaging technology, keyhole surgery and laser equipment. We offer minimally invasive surgery under general anaesthesia, sedation or local anaesthetic.

  • Concierge and VIP facilities

    We offer private personalised care for VIP’s. Our facilities are all supported by our dedicated team of caring, experienced and professional clinical staff.

Spinal treatments that we provide

  • Benefits of a Spinal Injection
  • Why are Core Muscles important for Back Pain?
  • Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery
  • Sciatica Treatment
  • Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery
  • Osteoporosis Treatment
  • Balloon Kyphoplasty Benefits

Understand Your Neck &
Back Pain

Understanding your musculoskeletal pains, causes, and your treatment options are essential.

  • What is Back Pain?
  • What Can Cause Back Pain?
  • What Are Your Treatment Options?
  • What Are Your Success Factors?
  • What Do I Do Next?
Am I a Candidate for Spine

Are you suffering from pain, but haven't been able to get any relief? Find out if you are a candidate for Regenerative and stem cell therapy.

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Our Hospital Services

We believe the heart of healthcare is "Service"

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  • Diagnostics
    & Imaging
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Patient Testimonials

  • Back Pain Treated

    I have been referred to Harley Street Hospital and I could not hope for better. The kindness of the staff, the efficiency and perfect organisation of how things are arranged...

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  • Ankle Injury Treated

    I have suffered from ankle pain for 2 years after spraining it during football. The keyhole surgery to repair a torn tendon was like a miracle at The Harley Street Hospital.

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  • Clean and Pleasant

    The staff were all amazing! The Harley Street Hospital is the best clinic on Harley street. It is clean and so pleasant staff. They have specialists treating bone and joint problems. My neck pain from arthritis was fixed with one injection at the spine clinic.

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  • Health Screening

    I travel to Harley street every year to have my health checked as I have suffered from high sugar levels and heart problems.

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  • Personalised Care

    I was very impressed when the receptionist opened the door and introduced me by my name.

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  • Osteoporosis Treatment

    I was told that I had osteoporosis in my bone and joints. I went to the Harley street hospital because I was told they specialise in bone and joints. I was amazed how many things other doctors did not check or tell me about.

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